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3D Wire Mesh Panel Machine

3D Panel Production Line;( 3D panel machine);3D wire mesh panels machine.

3D panel is produced by 3d panel machine, which is very popular in some countries. So we researched 3d panel machine and eps machine related products. 3D Panel Machine is the main machine of the 3D Panel Production Line, which controlled by PLC system, touch screen as operation surface, step motor as drive.

1. The upper wire mesh and lower wire mesh were welded with slanted steel wire to form a product---3D Panel. 3D panel machine can also produce the single-sided 3D Panel which is widely used in external wall insulation system in China market (i.e. 3D Panel has only one side wire mesh);
2. PLC, touch screen, specially designed chain system;
3. High productivity, sparse inserting panels can reach 700-800 SQM per 8 hours.
4. It can produce two types of 3D Panels (sparse 3D panel and dense 3D panel)
5. Low lack welding rate, even welding strength, excellent quality and low production cost.
6. Design special machines by requirements

7. Labors: 2-3 

3D Panel Production Line 

3D panel machine

3D wire mesh panels machine line

The followings are the main specifications:

Input Power Supply

AC380V 50HZ 75KVA

Air Source Equipment

3m3/min 0.6Mpa

Standard size

Wire Mesh Structure



Welded Mesh Wire Diameter

1.8-2.5mm or 2.5-3.0mm


Inserting Wire Diameter

1.8-2.5mm or 2.5-3.0mm


Thickness of EPS core



Structure of Inserting Wire

sparse, dense inserting
single, double sides mesh


Distance between EPS Core and Mesh








Non-standard size

Wire Mesh Structure

As Requirement


Welded Mesh Wire Diameter

3.0-3.5mm or 3.5-4.0mm or as requirement


Inserting Wire Diameter

3.0-3.5mm or 3.5-4.0mm or as requirement


Thickness of EPS core

100-150mm or as requirement



Dense inserting: 400-500m2/8hours
Sparse Inserting: 700-800m2/8hours


Wire Materials

Galvanized or cold drawing low carbon wire


Material of EPS Core

Fire resistance type

3D panel lack welding rate


Measurement of the machine

3d panel machine Length



3d panel machineWidth



3d panel machineHeight


3d panel machineWeight