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Poultry mesh welding machine

Poultry mesh welding machine ;full auto mesh welding machine/wire mesh welding machine

This mesh welding machine is of high automatic, and can weld the wire from different small and middle wire diameter and form different width and different mesh opening, its speed is fast and the mesh opening is even, the welding point is reinforced and greater tensile strength.

Machine structure:

achine frame: Main machine frame is welded with the steel case and steel plate(left and right), with good rigidity and stability.
Upper beam: Upper beam is manufactured well by HT200~400 cast and 45# steel plate of good rigidity. There are upper electrode hole, upper electrode, electrical circuit, pressure spring, etc. Slide away is on both ends, glide up and down in guide groove by eccentric linkage.
Lower beam: Lower beam, welded by excellent quality flange beam, is a key part to fix lower electrode. The lower copper electrode holder, lower electrode, line wire arranging dies, etc are installed on it.
Main shaft: shaft is main part of transmission system. It is driven by motor through speed reducer. There are eccentricity wheel which moves up & down to drive the upper beam to weld. It is consist of wire feeding cam, eccentricity block for mesh recoiler, transmission chain wheel, etc.
Transformer: Low voltage transformer is key part of welding mesh machine. Different mesh size needs different transformer. The power of upper and lower welding heads is supplied by the transformer and controlled by the main controlling cabinet.
Wire feeding system: It feeds the cross wire into the hopper. Wire feeding wheel is moved up and down regularly to feed the cross wire intermittently through the linkage of main shaft and accessory machine, then the wire is put into wire hopper through the straight shuttle. The hopper swings and sends the wire to the middle of upper and lower welding head. That is the full welding process.
Straightening system:cross wire is straightened by the reliable rotating shuttle straightener system. Steel wire will be straightened by the high-speed rotating shuttle, and then fed into the welding system by the wire feeding system.
Thorn shaft: Thorn shaft is used to make sure the welded mesh step-in one mesh opening size in one welding circle.
Shaft of mesh recoiler: The mesh from the thorn shaft is rolled up by shaft synchronously and then cut the mesh when the machine stops (the electronic counter gives stop signal according to the set length). 
Line wire decoiler: line wire pay off is the rotating type, normally there are two ways. If line wires are fairly thick and small quantity (usually less than 100 pcs), then we use the decoilers to decoil the wires which is the fast and convenient way. While if the line wires are fairly thin and the quantity is large(more than 100 pcs), we use the bobbin, line wire will be winded on plastic reel and hung on the inclined bobbin. Because the line wires will take up a big area if using the decoiler and easy to be random.
Machine technical parameters:






Wire diameter





Mesh width

1200-900mm; 1500-900mm;1800-1200mm; 2100-1800mm; 2500-1800mm

Mesh opening





Welding speed



60-80 次/分


Mesh length





Machine size

2700*1750*1450mm; 3100*1750*1450mm; 3500*1750*1450mm; 3900*1750*1500mm; 4300*1750*1500mm

4100*2100*1800mm; 4500*2100*1800mm

Typical application of welded wire mesh: