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Automatic High speed wire mesh welding machine

Introduction of automatic wire mesh welding lines:

Both line wire coils and cross wire coils for the auto mesh welding machine are automatically straighten, cut and fed. The finished mesh is also automatically recoiled and cut. Line wires are automatically straightening, storage and feeding. Cross wires are automatically straightening, storage and feeding in the production line. Compared with ordinary reinforcing mesh welding equipment, both line wires and cross wires are fed with coils. Automatically feeding, recoil and cut and discharge the welded mesh roll which maximized save labor and greatly increased production.




Max width of the panel mesh


Max length

6000 mm

Line wire spacing


Cross wire spacing


Wire diameter


Feeding way

Line wire

In coils


Cross wire

In coils

Number of welder


Max. welding speed

60-90 meshes/minute

Electric capacity


Air consumption

≥0.8Mpa, 2m3/min

Cooling water consumption

≥0.3Mpa, 3m3/min

Typical application of expanded metal: